Why Join?

There are a number of rewarding benefits to being a member of Beverage Design Experience! Here are some of the perks you will receive:

1. Make a meaningful impact – As a Beverage Designer, the feedback and ideas you share will have a direct influence on the future of beverage innovation in Beverage Design Experience community.

2. Learn what other Beverage Designer Experience members think – By engaging in the conversation on the Designer Forum you can interact and see what other Beverage Designers think about a number of cool beverage topics. Answering the Quick Poll on the home page also shows you live results so you can see how other members answered.

3. Be the first to know – When possible, we will share back any results where you helped make an impact. By being in the know, you will also have exclusive sneak peeks to new, upcoming products and impact beverages in the real world.

4. Are there any rewards for filling out surveys? – For each survey you complete, you’ll receive points which can be used to redeem a variety of cash prizes once you have collected at least 1000 points. Full details will be provided in your email invitation to the survey or within the survey.